Our prototype testing program ensures you get perfectly tuned rocker, concave,
flex and outline giving you truly unrivaled ride quality. As kiteboarding evolves, so do our boards.

The construction on all of our boards consists of a very high density core. This new linear core material has
superior impact strength and greater delamination resistance than traditional cross linked PVC cores, such as
divinicell. The laminate consists of an extremely complex lay-up for optimum strength and flex characteristics.

Together with ABS side wall construction you have an extremely durable board. All of our
boards are highpressure
laminated resulting in a super tough, light board. All boards are finished with slick looking sublimated PBT top and
bottom graphics using the latest in digital sublimation technologies. Throughout our on-going testing, these
materials have proven themselves time and time again as incredibly durable.

The weights of our boards range from 1.7 kg for the smaller boards to around 2.3 kg for the larger boards.

Every board comes with 4 G10-Fins in 40 or 50mm:

To make sure that you take care about your board you'll get it in a DAKINE Slider Bag:

The pricing is equal for every type and sizing: 800CHF / 540EUR for Board, Fins & Bag


Every rider has his favorite type of straps/pads or bindings. Therefore cardboards do come with fins only.
If you want to get a complet set you can choose one of the following binding options:


Option A
- Removable carbon based 3D
  contur CB pads (pair, black/red)
- CB Straps (pair, red/black)
- CB Handle (black/red)


Option B
- Removable carbon based 3D
  contur CB pads (pair, white/red)
- CB Straps (pair, white/black)
- CB Handle (white/red)
Option C
LiquidForce Profile Interface Kit
Option D
LiquidForce Luxury Interface Kit
Option E
LiquidForce Union Bindings
Option F
LiquidForce Escalade Bindings


- Enjoy riding! Ride a CB! -

more information available soon! please contact info(at)cardboards(dot)eu or info(at)cardboards(dot)ch